What to expect on competition evenings

Print Images

Are brought along on the evening, and should be brought in at least 10-mins prior to the evening commencing to be registered.

Digital Images

Are submitted well in advance of the meeting typically on the Saturday following the Tuesday lecture. An email indicating the looming deadline is always sent to request submissions.

Images are projected onto a screen using our colour calibrated projector from a Windows laptop connected via HDMI.

Running order

Competition nights are more punctual due to needing to get through and judge everybody's print and digital images.

Members take their seats and the room is darkened. Digital images are projected and judgement passed. All images are shown first, then commentary given and judging called.

We take a 15 minute tea break and look at prints, which are carefully hung and lit in the separate viewing gallery

Print images are placed by the competitions director on a print illumination box at the front of the room for simultaneous viewing and commentary, followed by judgement.

At the end of the evening we all help to clean the kitchen up and clear away the chairs. Many hands make light work.