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These rules apply to the Fremantle Camera Club's Competitions which are held each month except January (no meeting) and December (which is the Club's Annual Awards).

Rule 1 - General

R1.1   All financial members of the Fremantle Camera Club (the Club) are eligible to enter monthly competitions.

R1.2   All images must be the original photographic work of the member, but may be digitally enhanced.  No part of the image can be copied or imported from any other source other than the member's original work.  Other photographic images by the same author may be combined to make a new image.

R1.3   All prints and digital images remain the property of the photographer and the Club claims no rights other than the ability to display the prints and images at Club meetings including the Club Annual Awards evening, at other Fremantle Camera Club or WAPF exhibitions and functions including Inter-Club events, and on the Fremantle Camera Club website or publications.

Print display during competition night

Rule 2 - Types of Competitions

R2.1   Entries may be submitted in the following sections in either colour or monotone:

a.  Print; and
b.  Digital Images.

R2.2   In each section there will be two competitions;

a.  Open; and
b.  Set Subject.

Rule 3 - Prints

R3.1   Maximum print size is 40 x 50cms, including matt and backing.  There is no minimum size.

R3.2   Maximum thickness of entry is 5mm, including print, matt and backing.

R3.3   Any print that does not fit within these maximum sizes may not be accepted for competition.

R3.4   Prints may be produced either commercially (i.e. a printing service) or by the member.

R3.5   Print entries must be properly secured to an appropriate backing of either cardboard or foam core.  Members must not submit prints that may potentially damage other entries when packed or during transport.

Location of Label

R3.6   A label with the following information:  Image Title; Open/Subject; Competition number; Author’s name e.g.  Raindrops; Open; 151, Harry Brown must be attached on the reverse side of each print in the top left hand corner of the mount board.

R3.7   Prints must be provided to the Competition Director or his/her assistants at Club meetings by being placed face-down in the tray appropriate to the competition entry.

Rule 4 - Digital Images

R4.1   Maximum digital image size is 1920 (width) x 1080 (height) pixels.  A different ratio may be applied to the digital image (e.g. square or 'letterbox'), provided the maximum sizes are not exceeded.  There is no limit to resolution.

R4.2   Each digital image must be submitted as a JPEG file (*.jpg) and in sRGB profile.

R4.3   Each digital image must have the following file title file format of Digital Image Title_Open/Subject_Competition Number.jpg e.g.  Raindrops_Subject_151.jpg

R4.4   Digital images are to be submitted to the Digital Images Coordinator by emailing them to: fremantlecameraclub@gmail.com

R4.5   In the event that a member claims to have emailed a digital image to the correct address and before the designated deadline but is inadvertently omitted from the Club's monthly competition, the member shall be entitled to enter an additional digital image in the following month, in the same category in which the missing entry was submitted.  The member must be able to supply the original email, with the attached images, should it be requested by the Competition Director or the President of the Club.

Rule 5 - Deadlines

R5.1   Prints for both Open and Set Subject competitions must be presented to the Competition Director no later than 7.15pm on the night of the competition.  Late entries may not be accepted.

R5.2   Digital images for both Open and Set Subject competitions must be with the Digital Images Coordinator by 12.00pm on the Sunday nine (9) days prior to the competition night.  Late entries will not be accepted.

Rule 6 - Monthly Competitions

R6.1   Members are limited to one (1) entry in each of the four competitions; unless subject to R4.5.

R6.2   Prints or digital images that have won Gold or Silver in any competition may be not entered again in any competition in the same year or any subsequent year.

R6.3   Any print or digital image awarded a Bronze, or is unplaced, may be re-entered in one subsequent competition.

R6.4   Prints or images that come very close to resembling the subject of a previous Gold or Silver award are ineligible for re-entry in any competition.

R6.5   Two prints or digital images are regarded as being the same image if they are very similar and by the same author, or they are sourced from the same original exposure.

R6.6   The Committee will approve the list of Set Subjects and circulate these to members before the commencement of the year.  Please read the definition which goes with the Subject to ensure your images meet the criteria.

Rule 7 - Minimum Number of Competition Entries

R7.1   There must be a minimum of three (3) competitors to constitute a competition.

Rule 8 - Responsibilities of Digital Images Coordinator

R8.1   After the deadline for digital images, the Digital Images Coordinator or his/her proxy shall be responsible for the collation of the entries into respective Open or Set Subject competition; and prepare a copy of each entry for judging.

R8.2   The Digital Images Coordinator will provide the appointed Judge with a CD of the prepared images for judging.

R8.3   The Digital Images Coordinator is to notify all Club members if there is any change in the method to submit digital entries.

Rule 9 _ Responsibilities of Competition Director

R9.1   The Competition Director shall be responsible for the implementation and the running of the competitions and shall keep accurate records of entries.

R9.2   The Competition Director will decide on each entry's compliance with these rules and he/she reserves the rights to reject the entry.

R9.3   The Competition Director will appoint suitably qualified Judges for the monthly competitions.

R9.4   The Competition Director will also provide the Judge with full details of the competition including these rules and the subject for the competition and any definition.

R9.5   The Competition Director is to advise the Digital Images Coordinator of the appointed Judges to allow the judging of the digital images.

Rule 10 - Responsibilities of the Competition Judge

R10.1   The Judge will decide on the merit of the entry and the competition subject (including any definition provided).

R10.2   Judges will nominate Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in each competition in accordance with the following Club's definitions:

   a.   Gold:   Images that are seen by the Judge to be of a very high standard and would more
         than likely be deemed as outstanding in photography club competitions.  These images will
         have a high initial impact, incorporate good composition and be of a high technical

   b.  Silver:   Images that a Judge considers to be of a high standard for a camera club com-
        petition in terms of subject matter, composition and technical considerations.  They will
        have most of the boxes ticked but need a little more to be considered a Gold award.

   c.  Bronze:   Images that the Judge considers to be on the right rack in terms of subject
        matter, composition and technical considerations but need more in the way of
        composition, technique in the taking and/or post processing of the image to lift them
        to a Silver award.

R10.3   If two or more entries meet the same definition criteria in judging for an Award, the Judge shall give each entry the same Award.

R10.4   The Judge is encouraged to provide brief feedback on each entry within the time allocated, with the intent to help all members learn about photography and to encourage participation.

Rule 11 - Monthly Competition Scoring System

R11.1   Points counting towards the yearly aggregates for the Annual Club Awards will be allocated in the competition on the following basis:

   a.   Gold                              5 points;
   b.   Silver                            3 points;
   c.   Bronze                          2 points; and
   d.   Non-winning entry     1 point

R11.2   If two entries are judged as being equal in a competition, then each entry will be awarded the same amount of points.

R11.3   A record of the points awarded will be maintained by the Competition Director for each of the four competition.

Rule 12 - Annual Club Awards - Aggregate

R12.1   Aggregate Awards will be determined based on summing the points allocated to each member's entries in both Open and Set Subject competitions.

R12.2   Aggregate Awards will be awarded for:

   a.   Print Photographer of the Year: and
   b.   Digital Image Photographer of the Year.

Rule 13 - Annual Club Awards - Individual

R13.1   Individual Digital and Print of the Year winners will be selected from all the images and prints awarded Gold in the monthly competitions for that year.

R13.2   All digital images that are to be judged for the Digital Image of the Year Award will be automatically entered by the Digital Images Coordinator.

R13.3   All prints entries that are to be judged for the Print of the Year Award should be submitted to the Competition Director at the LAST meeting in November.  It is the sole responsibility of the member to submit his/her print/s for judging.

R13.4   All entered images and prints may not be altered in any shape or form since they were last judged.

Rule 14 - Additional

R14.1   Members may not challenge an entry based solely on the interpretation of a definition of the set subject.  It is the prerogative of the Judge to determine how well the photograph fits the definition and to reject or mark accordingly.

R14.2   Members should not engage in conversation with the Judge while judging is taking place, unless invited to do so by the Competition Director.

Rule 15 - Changing the Rules

These club rules may be amended, added to, or clauses deleted at a monthly club meeting, provided that detailed notice is given to members in the club newsletter, or enclosed with the newsletter, issued immediately prior to the club meeting.

To view a PDF version of the current Fremantle Camera Club Rules and Responsibilities amended 01 Jan 2015, click here.

Last Amended January 2015