The serious business of judging the prints

The serious business of judging the prints

Headline Image: Fremantle Harbour Panorama by Steve Crocker

The Fremantle Camera Club is a social club providing a warm and friendly atmosphere where experienced and inexperienced members can share their interest in photography.  Mentoring is available and we aim to facilitate the development of artistic creativity, and the photographic and technical skills of our members through our club competitions, education evenings, workshops and other club activities.


We meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday evening of each month (February to December) in North Fremantle.  The Club holds an educational evening on the first Tuesday and the Club's competition evening is held on the third Tuesday.  Special events are also held such as weekday and weekend field trips.

The typical meeting involves everybody turning up and greeting / chatting to each other.  This is a great time for new members to introduce themselves.  The committee will make a few announcements and introduce the session.

Competition nights are a more serious affair with an external judge visiting us from another camera club to assess our images which are divided into the following groups:

Lecture Nights are often held by visiting photographers but also internal club members with a special area of interest.  They usually include a projected presentation, open discussion and sometimes practical hands-on sessions.

All of this is thirsty work so we make sure we have a  15-minute refreshment break in the middle of the meeting.

Club Structure

The club has a wide range of members of varying skill levels and photographic interests.  An elected committee oversee the organisation and running of club nights and the management of the club.


We tend to communicate by email, with all members being automatically entered onto both the Fremantle Camera Club and Western Australia Photographic Federation mailing lists.

Communications are not so frequent as to annoy but highlight useful dates like the looming competition deadlines.


Freographic is our regular members' journal / newsletter which is sent by email as a PDF file and also available to the general public online.