Fremantle Camera Club is one of the oldest camera clubs in Western Australia.

In 1967, Bill McKenzie, Mayor of Fremantle, and proprietor of the Friendlies Societies Pharmacy, arranged a meeting of local amatueur photographers.  As a result of this meeting the Fremantle Camera Club was formed.

The first president was Tony Kukla, the manager of the pharmacy, and the meetings were held in the rooms of the building.  The winners of each section of the monthly competitions were awarded a discount voucher redeemable on any purchases at the pharmacy.

Neville and Wendy Riley, both founding members, were honoured with Life Membership in 1992.  Other members to achieve Life Membership include Arthur Mayne, Richard McKenna, Bob Howe, John Holmes, Christina Backus, Gracia Munday and George Woodward.

In the early days of the Club, the membership was an all-male affair.  Nowadays, the balance of the membership between male and female is quite even.

Many of our members have figure prominently in local (inter-club), national and even International competitions.  SOme have become photographic judges through courses run by the WA photographic Judges Association.  Others, such as Dale Neill (an ex-President of the Club), have become leading photographers in WA.