May 2018

About the Judge

The guest Judge for this month and also a former member of the Club is Sue McLeod.  Sue has a passion for photographing babies, toddlers and children which developed when she became a mother.  An adventurer at heart, she has lived in England, South Africa, Austria and finally Australia.  Her love of photography, people and travel has been inextricably intertwined throughout her life.  Today, she specialises in location photography, using the natural light and a relaxed familiar environment.
The two essential elements of any photograph for Sue are light and emotion.  It is the result of a moment captured and created to treasure, reflect upon, and savour.  Her work has a strong emotive element about it; mainly minimalist in subject and composition, with restrained colour and shapes, resulting in images of simple elegance.



Fire, smoke & steam:  A picture in which fire and/or smoke and/or steam is a dominant feature.

NB:  Not all Gold/Silver images have been submitted for publication.