August 2018

About the Judge

The guest Judge for this month is Nick Melidonis.  Nick is a Master Photographer IV and a triple recipient of the AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year.  Amongst others, he is one of Australia's leading photo educators and runs commercial training workshops and seminars Australia wide on creative and fine art photography, travel, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom courses.
Three of his great passions in life are photography, travel and teaching and he is very fortunate to have made those his life’s vocation.  The exhilaration and sheer joy of experiencing new landscapes, wildlife, people and cultures in some of the world’s most scenic and wild locations has kept Nick travelling for most of his life.  Nothing pleases him more than to share those experiences with like- minded people and it has led to photo and cultural tours to Greece, Borneo, Africa, Spain, Indonesia and Iceland.



Montage:  A combination of several photographs joined together for artistic effect or to show more of the subject that can be shown in a single photograph.

NB:  Not all Gold/Silver images have been submitted for publication.