April 2017

About the Judge

The guest Judge for this month's competition was David Steele.  After his success with nine coffee-table books reaching more than 50 editions in Africa, Europe and America, together with his pioneering work in the South African photo-agency industry, David became a professional photographer in 1986 when one of his portfolios was accepted by his peers at the South African Institute of Photographers.  Photography and cinematography remains a passion of his to this day and he currently supplies high quality travel and nature related images and video clips to a number of photographic agencies.  David is a member of Westside Photography Club and is part of the team in the recently formed Western Australia Photographic Judges Association (WAPJA).



Monochrome:  A photograph containing shades of only one colour.  If toning is carried out, it must be over the total area of the photograph - partial toning and/or the addition of an extra colour is not acceptable.