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Landscape/Travel Photography with Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr is an Australian landscape photographer capturing images from around the country and abroad.

Driven by a keen interest in exploring the outdoors, Andrew captures the beauty of the natural world, from expansive vistas to unique and intimate perspectives. Through his images, Andrew transports the viewer into the scene by capturing the mood and evoking emotion.  His photos tell the story of a moment in time, connecting the viewer with the landscape.

Andrew shares his enthusiasm for exploring and photographing landscapes through his YOUTUBE channel. His videos take the viewer on a 'behind the scenes' journey to the locations he visits. From the initial camera setup to the final photograph, his candid and entertaining stories provide a captivating insight into how he composes and captures his images.

The images he captures and his accompanying narrative inspire others to explore nature and the world around them.

Andrew combines his extensive experience in photography with his background in teaching to provide a range of workshops to suit the needs of any landscape photographer. A variety of other educational material is also available through his website.

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